One Voice Global Consortium

Building a Better Future

what we do

The Consortium is established as a broader umbrella coalition of organizations, councils and similar entities which bear the qualities and share the objectives and values of the  Diaspora community at large and also with the members of other ethnic communities in the United  States and around the world.

Mobilize the African Diaspora

We help mobilize the African Diaspora around the world to participate in the development of Africa. 

OVC Waya

Help in the Development of Africa

Create an environment conducive for the African Diaspora  to participate in the development of Africa. 

OVC Waya

Foster Unity Among Africans

Promoting unity among all people of African descent around the world for the betterment of African people.

OVC Waya



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Wakanda Proximity Industrial Park

Wakanda Proximity Point Industrial City is a strategically located City along the Lapset Corridor. 

Wakanda Institutional Park

Wakanda Proximity Point City prides itself in being a “By Diaspora for Diaspora” City. 

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Wakanda II: City of Return

Prelaunch residences are the cornerstone of a Unique, Modern and Luxurious Garden City in the heart of the Kenyan Coast.