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Watch Democracy Grow to Sponsor Esteemed Speakers at the OVC Diaspora Investors Expo


Watch Democracy Grow is proud to announce its sponsorship of three distinguished speakers at the upcoming OVC Diaspora Investors Expo, taking place in Maryland from May 5th to 7th, 2023. Prof. Lawrence Freeman, Dr. Pauline Muchina, and Dr. Bland will offer their insights on infrastructure, economic development, climate change, peacebuilding, democracy, and good governance in Africa. Dr. Sam Hancock will serve as the moderator for the event.


Prof. Lawrence Freeman, an Advisory Board Member on infrastructure and economic development matters, brings over thirty years of experience as a political-economic analyst for Africa. He is a champion for real economic growth through hard infrastructure, particularly rail transportation, water management, and electricity. Prof. Freeman’s work has impacted numerous African nations and he is currently developing an African Infrastructure Development Plan.


Dr. Pauline Muchina, representing American Friends of Service Committee, will focus on the effects of climate change and its relationship with peacebuilding in Africa. Hailing from Kenya, Dr. Muchina serves as the Policy, Education, and Advocacy Coordinator for Africa at AFSC in Washington, DC. Her work includes advocating for additional funding to African countries for COVID-19 response, debt cancellation, and supporting African governments in containment efforts.


Dr. Bland, Senior Advisory Board Member on democracy, good governance, and civic engagement activities, will discuss the importance of democracy and good governance in Africa and how it facilitates social-economic development. With forty-five years of experience in administrative management and consultancy, Dr. Bland is an expert in U.S constitutional law, international finance, elections, and good governance matters.


Dr. Sam Hancock, President and Executive Director of Emerald Planet International Foundation, will moderate the panel. Dr. Hancock has extensive experience in sustainable environmental and economic development, working with 144 nations, 750 cities, and thousands of communities around the globe.


Mary Henrietta Uwera, the current coordinator for Watch Democracy Grow activities for the USA Chapter, will also be present at the event. With a background in political science and public health, her work focuses on the integration of democracy, conflict prevention, human rights, and social human development aspects.



The OVC Diaspora Investors Expo is an opportunity for all attendees to learn from these renowned experts and engage in conversations about East Africa’s development, democracy, and sustainability.



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