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In an effort to engage the diaspora in the development of his county, Governor Mutahi Kahiga has nominated Prof Peter Ndiang’ui as the honorary ambassador of Nyeri County. This position empowers Prof. Ndiang’ui to represent Nyeri in the diaspora matters particularly in areas of education, tourism, environmental sustainability, trade, infrastructure, agriculture and good governance and any other sectoral responsibility assigned by the governor or his appointee. The appointment takes place with immediate effect.



Prof Ndiang’ui is currently a professor in the College of Education in Florida Gulf Coast University located in Fort Myers Florida. He has been instrumental in getting Kenyan students to join the M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction program. The international students in this program are required to work in the local school district  as they study.



Prof. Ndiang’ui has been deeply involved in the development of Nyeri over the years. Among the many projects that he has initiated, he was instrumental in setting up a tech center (with 11 computers) in his home village of Mathakwaini, in Tetu. He serves as the patron of the local primary school.

In Fort Myers, Peter serves as the President of African Network of SW Florida and the Chair of the Mayor’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. He is also the Executive Director of One Voice Consortium the umbrella organization of more than 100 diaspora organizations.



Among his many awards, he was the 2021 recipient of the Keeper of the Dream Award given to people who have been identified to further the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also received the Lighthouse award two years in a row.



DM congratulate this highly accomplished Diasporian in his new appointment. We are also prod of Governor Kahiga of his foresight thorugh this appointment. We hope that other governors will follow suit.



To enable him perform the functions assigned to him, Prof. Ndiang’ui is putting together a Nyeri County Diaspora Advisory Committee (NC-DAC). If you are interested in being considered to join this committee, you can get in touch with him: Email: Tel: (404) 759 3604.


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