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OVC Expo adds Powerhouse Ms. Margaret Mumbi Baskin to Women Empowerment Panel lineup

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Mumbi Baskin was raised to excel and to be empathetic toward the needs of others from a young age. Her upbringing allowed her to explore her dreams, leading her to pursue an undergraduate degree at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.


After moving to the United States, she began working at CITI Bank and gained a better understanding of the American financial mindset toward entrepreneurship.


Despite her knowledge of the financial sector, Mumbi’s passion for cooking led her to venture into the hospitality industry in 2005 with the opening of her deli and catering business, Sokoni Market. The ethnic explosion of authentic Kenyan cuisine served at her establishment gained a large following, which allowed her to experiment and refine her dishes to cater to a multicultural clientele.


Mumbi’s success in the hospitality industry led to her appointments to various boards and organizations, including Kenya Diaspora Advisory and Kenya Women in the United States.


In 2011, she founded Afrika Fusion, a restaurant that aims to preserve traditional African values in the preparation and serving of African dishes.


Through Afrika Fusion, Mumbi has developed a blend of select dishes that cut across from the furthest reaches of the African continent. Her restaurant has become a hub of African cultural experience serving a wide clientele comprising of diverse ethnic groups. Mumbi has built a brand that has gained intrinsic value and is endorsed by various corporate, diplomatic, and non-profit sectors.


Community service is a sustainably integral part of Mumbi’s life, and she has invested both time and financial support for various initiatives, including schools, health institutions, and churches, mainly focusing on seniors and youth initiatives.


Mumbi has raised four children and is a grandmother who enjoys spending extended periods with her grandchildren.

Mumbi Baskin.

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