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Nancy Njeri Wambaa, MSW, PsyD, to Speak on Community Affairs and Wellness Panel at OVC Expo

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We are pleased to announce that Nancy Njeri Wambaa, MSW, PsyD, will be a panelist on the Community Affairs and Wellness Panel at the OVC Expo from May 5th to May 7th at the Hilton Rockville Hotel in Maryland.


Nancy has an impressive background in mental health, gerontology, and sociology. Her career has been diverse, ranging from working with high-risk youth to the elderly, and she strongly believes in empowering patients, families, and communities to achieve and maintain their highest functioning level.


Nancy’s commitment to community and mental health awareness has led her to leadership positions in various organizations, including the Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium and Mental Health Stars in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the CEO of Wings of Love, a non-profit organization that serves the needy, elderly, and handicapped without discrimination.


As a panelist on the Community Affairs and Wellness Panel, Nancy will bring her unique perspective and expertise to the discussion of community wellness and the de-stigmatization of mental illness. Her motto of “With the people for the people!” perfectly encapsulates her dedication to empowering and educating communities to achieve their highest potential.


We are thrilled to have Nancy Njeri Wambaa as a panelist at the OVC Expo and look forward to her valuable insights on community wellness. 


To learn more about Nancy, visit her website or contact her at +1 (310) 936-7278.

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