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Martin A Mark, Businessman and Activist, to Facilitate OVC Sustainable Development and Environment Panel

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Submitted by Martin A Mark


A businessman, a sustainable development and environmental activist, and Chairman of the Kenyans in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.


Born in Nairobi Kenya in 1968, Attended school in Nairobi Kenya, where graduated in Environmental Science. He started his first Job with the Green Belt Movement, headed by Nobel Prize Winner Mrs Wangari Mathai. During this time, he also consulted with the United Nations Development Program and UNDP on issues of desertification in the Arid and Semi-Arid regions in Kenya. Later moved to Kenya Energy and Non-governmental Organization -KENGO.
It is through KENGO he moved to the United States in 1993 and had a brief consultancy with the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP on early childhood development and education.

Upon completing his consultancy, he decided to become a permanent resident in the USA. In early 2000 he moved to Jacksonville FL. During this time he worked for Ray Carter Kia as Sales Manager later with Frank Griffin Chrysler Jeep as a finance manager. He then retired and moved to start a business.

He opened up a retail store in Arlington, Jacksonville. Which he successfully ran for 9 years and later opened up a delivery company that is still in operation to date.


During his stay in Jacksonville Martin Mark reconnected with many Kenyans like him. He quickly released the disconnect between them. They missed their culture and sense of community. Many Hardly knew other Kenyans and lacked a source of information that could help them settle in America comfortably.

He helped create a Kenyans in Jacksonville Association to help network, and bring Kenyans together to socialize, exchange useful information and assist others in times of need.


Besides helping integrate Kenyans into the Jacksonville community through this organization, Martin has pushed for Kenyans’ involvement in city governance. He has reached out to community leaders such as Mayor Lenny Curry. The Organization has grown further south and now boasts over 150 members derived from
cities all over North Florida, from Jacksonville all the way to Orlando.

Above all, Martin Mark is a God-fearing family man blessed with three children.


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