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Entrepreneur and East Africa Chamber of Commerce Founder Benson Kasue to Participate in OVC Diaspora Investors Expo in Maryland

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Renowned entrepreneur and owner of Big D Finance, Benson, is set to participate in the upcoming OVC Diaspora Investors Expo, taking place in Maryland from May 5-7.



As the founder of the East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC) and the East Africa Business Network (EABN), Benson has played a significant role in promoting trade and investment between East Africa and the rest of the world, particularly the United States.



Currently serving as the ambassador of the EACC to the USA, Benson’s mission is to foster economic ties between the two regions through annual trade and investment conferences. The three-day events bring together business leaders and government representatives from both the East African Community (EAC) and the United States.



Benson is also the founder of the Kenya Diaspora Advisory Council of Texas, an organization dedicated to addressing the needs of Kenyans living in Texas. With twenty years of experience in corporate America, Benson has held various accounting and financial positions at companies such as FMC Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Dell Computers, IBM, and United Technologies. He eventually started his own financial consulting firm, leveraging his expertise in the industry.



Having graduated from Brigham Young University-Marriott School of Management with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and the University of Utah David Eccles Business School with an MBA in Finance, Benson has continuously used his skills for the betterment of communities in East Africa. Notably, he has led efforts to mobilize food, medical supplies, and the construction of water reservoirs in the region.



As part of his “community giving back initiative,” Benson founded Kasue Girls High Secondary in Chulu Hills, Kenya. This all-girls secondary school currently has over 420 students, with enrollment increasing annually.



The OVC Diaspora Investors Expo will provide a platform for Benson and other stakeholders to explore new opportunities for trade and investment between the USA and East Africa.



Attendees can expect engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and insights from key business leaders and government officials.

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