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Caroline Muthoka, President of Baraka Care International, to Participate in OVC Diaspora Investors Expo

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Baraka Care International (BCI), a Pennsylvania-based non-profit organization, is proud to announce that its President, Caroline Muthoka W. , will be participating in the OVC Diaspora Investors Expo. The event brings together leaders, innovators, and investors from around the world to address diaspora development issues and explore investment opportunities between East Africa and the United States.


Baraka Care International is dedicated to providing services and training for disaster emergency preparedness in Kenya and other parts of the world. The organization focuses on addressing the suffering of the Voiceless Victims of calamities, those who often do not receive the Support, Compensation and attention they need in times of crisis.


Caroline Muthoka’s inspiration for founding BCI stems from her own experience as a survivor of the August 7, 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in Nairobi, Kenya. Caroline was 7 months pregnant, working on the 19th floor of the Cooperative Building for Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority as a Computer Programmer. Caroline suffered a lot of injuries during that time and more on her belly causing a blood clot on the uterus. With God’s mercy, Lucky Baraka was born on August 7th 1998 and that’s where Baraka Care International gets her name. Motivated by her personal journey, Muthoka has committed herself to making a difference in the lives of disaster victims worldwide as a Motivational Speaker and a Gospel Artist.


BCI’s programs include:


  • Fire Safety: Providing essential training and education to help communities prevent and respond to fire-related emergencies.
  • Counseling Programs: Offering support and guidance to disaster victims, helping them cope with the emotional and psychological challenges they face in the aftermath of a tragedy.
  • Charity for Disaster Victims: BCI is hoping to raise funds and provide resources to aid those affected by natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other emergencies.


Caroline Muthoka’s participation in the OVC Diaspora Investor’s Expo will provide a platform to raise awareness about BCI’s mission and seek potential partnerships, sponsors, and donors. By sharing her story and the work of BCI, Muthoka aims to encourage investment in disaster preparedness initiatives and inspire global support for the Voiceless Victims of Calamities.


For more information about Baraka Care International or to inquire about potential collaboration, please contact Caroline at canduku98@ www.carolinemuthoka.com


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