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Alex Karundu Confirmed as Panel Moderator for Business & SME’s

Black executive man

Alex Karundu is the CEO of Real Deal T LLC and its subsidiaries, headquartered in Dallas, TX. Real Deal T’s mother company Seagate is considered among the pioneer and the largest African-owned Transportation and Logistics Companies.


In this capacity, he has led his team through initiatives that have transformed Warehouse and Freight industry amongst his Kenyan counterpart, creating employment and opportunities for over 300 employees, a sizable number being from the Easter African Region.

From Feb 2013 to Feb 2023, Alex served as the Chairman of the Kenyan Advisory Council of Texas, the liaison office for all visiting Kenyan dignitaries, responsible for connecting them with local authorities and Diaspora living in specific cities of their interests.


He has also helped his community raise funds for social needs, hosting new members of the diaspora. Facilitating and connecting his people with legal services for adjusting their immigration status and partnering with other organizations to enhance unity and opportunities for all Kenyans living within our jurisdictions.

He also served as a Board Member of the US-based East African Chamber of Commerce from 2015 to 2020. Before relocating to the USA, he held positions at DHL Kenya and The Windsor Golf and Country Club in Kenya, where he gained extensive experience in customer care and solutions in service delivery.

Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies from Landmark College in Fort Worth, TX and is currently pursuing Diploma in Business Management at the MKU E-Learning and an MBA concentrating in Urban Development.

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