One Voice Global Consortium


This Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium is formed with the sole intent of bringing together Diaspora individuals and the organizations they lead or are part of so as to leverage while interacting or dealing with governments and or international agencies.

Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium GDDF has an Executive Leadership Board, Advisory Board, Sector leaders and convenors and chairs of various committees. We have a vibrant youth league with upcoming young professionals. Our AGM on September 25, 2021, captured our 2020-2021 achievements and our five-year strategic plan 2021-2025. 
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We are 100+ organizations strong

Global Diaspora Development Foundation (GDDF) One Voice Consortium, is an umbrella organization that brings together over 100 organizations from Africans living in the diaspora.  

We come from all walks of life

It is a global organization whose membership is growing strong.  GDDF One Voice Consortium is formed with the aim of bringing together Diaspora individuals and their member organizations in an effort to leverage interactions with governments and international agencies. 

Global Diaspora One Voice consortium is currently operating under the auspices of several key organizations such as Global Diaspora Development Foundation (GDDF) and Association of Kenyan Diaspora Organizations International (AKDOI), Council of Elders- Diaspora USA Midwest Chapter, Kenya Women in the United States KWITU, Kenya Christian Fellowship Association KCFA, Kenya US Bar Association KUSBAR, and many others . GKD-OVC is an autonomous, independent entity that aspires to be inclusive one-voice, sector-based and issue-focused platform led by 15 key core leaders that constitute the rotational leadership-secretariat and several sector convenors. The sector convenors are the one-voice core leaders appointed to spearhead issues that are commonly agreed to be crucial and deliverables be they; Social, Economic, Governance or Technology biased.


We come from all over the diaspora

The vision of GDDF One Voice Consortium is to enhance the lifestyle and livelihoods of the African diaspora community and back in the continent.



Conference & Gala

Diaspora One Voice Conference and Heroes Awards Gala


Seek to engage with other organizations on improving the lifestyle, livelihood, and welfare of the Diaspora Community.


Support for the Neema Children Center in Kenya


Primary School-Community Tech Center development and Implementation plan in 7 Kenya Counties (Working with County Governors)

Post-Secondary Training

Technical and Vocational Training Equipment support to 8 Kenya Counties (Working with Kenya Youth Employability Project, National Industrial Training Authority NITA and Diaspora Institute of Development UK).

Business Collaborations

Collaboration with Africa and Caribbean Business Council and Africa Cultural Alliance of North America based in Philadelphia PA (Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta was hosted at KDRTV )


What africans say about us

I experience a lot of community with One Voice Global. I have been a member of many organizations, one Voice really inspires me.



One Voice Consortium has many great ambitions. I hope they achieve them because they will help a lot of people and transform communities.

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